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“Moondust" by Jaymes Young


Moondust" by Jaymes Young

Right I’ve got a bunch of prompts in my askbox but I’m gonna leave them for now and try not to collapse.

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Anonymous asked: Much need HalBarry~ The awkward first time talk. You know, the "how do you want to do this" talk. Hehe.

"So, uh, how should- how should we do this?"

Hal shrugged and ran his hands over Barry’s skin, trying to keep at least some of the sensual mood they’d worked so hard to create. 

"Well," Hal licked his lips and took a breath, "I don’t mind… if you top," he said in a whisper; Barry’s pupils dilated and Hal almost moaned as the blond bent down to kiss him hard on the lips.

dead-kord asked: boostle high school au where people are staring bc ted's wearing booster's varsity jacket uwu <3

He pulled the jacket tighter around him and wished he had just picked his own jacket instead of letting Booster give him the obnoxiously obvious varsity jacket he was wearing instead. 

"Is that…. is that Carter’s jacket,” Barbara said with a grin, poking his arm. 

"Shut up, so what if it is?” He asked, ignoring the sniggering going on around him; at least he had a boyfriend, right?

Anonymous asked: Oh please anything Boostle nsfw!

Fuck, Ted please, yes,” Booster panted, his hips thrusting in shallow movements into Ted’s mouth; his skin felt like it was on fire but he couldn’t stop, not when he was so close-

Ted pulled off with a cough, his fingers digging into Booster’s hips as he pulled himself up to bite and suck at the blond’s neck. 

"Love it when you beg," Ted groaned, grinding their hips together; Booster would beg a thousand times more to get Ted to speak to him in that gruff, husky voice again.

great-like-gatsby asked: Superbat underground fight club au, please?

Bruce’s thighs clamped around his neck, the man flipping him over onto his back in seconds and Clark had never been so turned on in his life; he patted the mat to signal the end of the match.

"You’re good," he told Bruce later, shaking his hand and trying to ignore the images flooding his brain of Bruce flipping him over, pressing him into the ground and grinding down on him. 

"Not so bad yourself," Bruce said quietly, sitting just a little closer and pressing their thighs together; Clark was going to dream of those thighs till the next meeting.

Anonymous asked: Gotta get some Boostle! What happens when Booster finds Ted's secret sexy toy collection?

"Holy crap."

Booster looked at the drawer with wonder in his eyes, he’d never seen so many sex toys in his life and he had endorsed a couple; when he looked closer he could see one of the gold and blue vibrators he’d helped design and wasn’t that a turn on.

Ted would kill him if he knew Booster had been snooping in his drawers.

Anonymous asked: (If you're still doing this) Damian saving Dick from some random villain and worrying over Dick's injures

"That was foolish, Grayson," Damian hissed as he stitched the deep gash on Dick’s back, torn between being gentle and trying to teach the man a lesson through pain. 

"I knew you had my back," Dick said with a smile in his voice; he reached back and patted Damian’s knee. 

Damian tutted and tugged on the stitch a little harsher than necessary, ignoring the sharp hiss that fell from Dick’s lips, “think of this when you decide Killer Croc is a viable acrobatics partner.”