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Random Superbat thoughts


Am I the only one that thinks that Clark would have a really hard time removing Bruce’s belt like they’ll be in such a rush to take their clothes off that Clark just starts grabbing at it to rip it off but he presses a button on it and like a damn full size emergency raft pops out and since it wouldn’t be able to move him the force ends up throwing Bruce like across the room 

I can’t stop thinking about construction worker!Guy on site late and car thief!Simon who’s hiding in the site after dark from cops.

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“So what’s your story?” Guy asked offhandedly. He flew a good arm’s length away from the newest member of their fucked up little family, keeping his tone light and stand-offish as they zipped in and out of the cloud cover above Portland.

Simon pursed his lips and turned his face away. “Car thief.”

It was the first time Simon had actively looked away from him. It was also the first time he’d mentioned anything about his life before being a GL (apart from his sister and brother-in-law). Guy didn’t really know what to say; sure, he’d asked the kid about his past, but he hadn’t expected to be met with a self-depreciating look and clear-as-day shame in his voice.

He led Simon a little further above the clouds and hovered there in the sunshine, waiting for his companion to draw closer. “Sounds rough; not enough money?”

“Something like that,” he shrugged again and floated in the air next to Guy. “When I got the ring I was being detained for terrorism.”

Guy really didn’t know what to say to that. So, for once, he kept his mouth shut and let Simon continue on his own terms.

“I stole a van, and it- it had a bomb in the back,” the man frowned and looked down towards the surface of the Earth with a serious expression. “I had no idea it was in there, not until I heard the cops chasing and looked in the back. Then I drove it outside the city. Luckily it didn’t go off until there was no one nearby, I jumped out and… then I was arrested. The ring broke me out right in the middle of an interrogation.”

Simon seemed to smile a little at that. He looked over at Guy with that same small smile and quirked an eyebrow. “You ever been broken out of prison by a magic space ring before?” He asked, clearly pleased with himself. Guy barked a sharp laugh and threw an arm over his shoulders.

“Kid, you wouldn’t believe half the stuff I’ve done.”

wait did Scotland leave us then?


i honestly feel 100% better after watching this

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Alternate title for Homer’s Iliad?

Of Mycenaean Men

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